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What can you say in response to that kind of harassment without being labeled a bigot? When someone behaves in a predatory way, labeling themselves as polyamorous is a sure way to keep anyone from calling them out over it.

26 Reasons You Should Leave the Catholic Church Immediately – EpicPew

Spending time in other religious communities, witnessing, experiencing, and hearing countless stories of sexual abuse, has numbed me a bit. The rate of predators in the Catholic Church is on par with the rate of predators in the general population.

That statistic is often used to downplay the scandal. In truth, it should heighten it, because it should make us very aware how prevalent the problem is in our country.

Update: Church should focus on getting 'nones' back, Bishop Barron says

The Catholic scandal is stunning simply because the Church as an entity is so well organized and the data so accessible. If you were to take a geographic area, say New York City,and shift the religious lens, would you be able to paint as clear a picture of sex abuse? Statistics tell us that the Hassidic Jewish community has the same rate of abuse, but that story is harder to tell due to organizational and cultural differences.

Shift the lens to progressive activism. Remember the rape problem during the Occupy Wall Street protests? There are no clear organizations or leaders in this case to point the finger at, or sue. Again, no large organizations or clear community leadership structures to point to, but this actually means predators are more likely to go unnoticed, or, because of cultural attitudes towards sex, be protected by the community they are harming.

Shift the lens to the Amish. There have been plenty of reports of the abuse coverup in Amish communities, but when the communities are themselves small the story tends to stay small.

Rather, I think what is happening in the Catholic Church is a mirror of our culture. I am beyond furious with Pope Francis. When it comes to the bishops I sincerely believe we should throw the bums out and start over. I think the laity should tell their parishes that they refuse to financially support their diocese until they see real reform.

I think every parish in the United States should vote with their checkbook. Because the Catholic faith is true, and beautiful, and good, and real. It is a wholly separate thing from the human institution. There are so many good, brilliant, compassionate individual Catholics who inspire me every day. The scandal is big. The problems affecting Catholic institutions are huge. The culture of Catholic exceptionalism is pervasive.

What Catholics lose when they leave the Church

The bishops and cardinals have totally lost touch with reality, and there is no reforming the majority of them. But as overwhelming as the problems are, the Body of Christ is bigger. We forget that, I think. Good Catholics outnumber the bad, every single day. Good Catholics have to get loud, have to get angry, have to put their foot down. This is a time to demand resignations from Church leadership. They have proven themselves incapable and unwilling to do their job. Because their boss is incapable and unwilling to do his. Which means we need a Pope willing to take an unapologetic moral stance and hold every single bishop to the same standard.

Plenty of laity go without sex every day.

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Go without sex for years, often not of their own choice. They are human beings capable of self-control, just like the rest of us. Have you noticed the tendency in the media to paint them as being unable to control their sexuality? Pedophilia or preying on vulnerable adolescents or adults should be an automatic expulsion from holy orders. Zero tolerance. We need a Pope willing to be ruthless in defense of the faith. Willing to demand resignations, to endure bad press, to even shrink the institution of the Church in order to reform it.

And we need a laity who will loudly support this Pope in holding their own bishops accountable. Allowing the problem to fester is not merciful or compassionate or Christ-like. There is a constant thread throughout Christian gospel, tradition, and theology that is utterly ruthless when it comes to the truth. I am in love with the Catholic faith and the truth it illuminates. I pray for a Pope like this. This is why I stay.

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Where Protestants and Catholics Go When They Leave Their Churches

Christ is in the church and its sacraments. If you walk away from the church, you are walking away from Christ. If that was possible, there would be no need for the Church. The priest is a sinner a really evil pervert who deserves to be drowned with stone tied around his neck according to Christ , but his fellow priests bishops, cardinals who said nothing and covered it up and shuffled the perverts around and witnessed and whispered about the widespread perversion and sodomy in the seminaries are all sinnners too.

That does not leave a whole lot of good priests. Show me where they are and I will follow their religion. I am not going to listen to priests who decided to stay silent while children and adolescents were being raped and manipulated into abusive sexual relationships. And MOST of the clergy are guilty of that.

But they kept the code of silence. And THAT is the mosg scandalous and disgusting part of all, because the whole of the hierarchy are guilty, right up to the Popes. Ephesians To step outside of the group, Body of Frankenstein with its many foul parts; see my post via the link takes courage and integrity, as you run the risk of becoming a victim.

The serving of the Truth overlaps onto the worldly plain, as it protects the weak and vulnerable form exploitation in opposing oppression, misery and inhumanity, to serve the Truth is to love ones neighbor as oneself, it cannot be faked as it always involves carrying ones Cross. A Church for the poor is not enough although good in itself as it side steps the full spectrum of Truth, which confronts Evil on both the Spiritual Plain and Worldly Plain. Where can mankind look to see integrity at play, the Truth been served? So in our present shameful situation, is God preparing the birth Building up of a Church that will be truthful with herself.

The one and only state from where the ongoing transforming action of The Holy Spirit can take place. While we evangelize through the action of Humility, a disarming action in its honesty, that embrace all in its simplicity, as we encounter our brothers and sisters who stand and seek direction at the Crossroads Difficulties of life. Now I wonder if reading this book will really do any good.

This interview has strengthened my own selfish faith. Louis Bouyer uses a similar expression in his diagnosis of what is wrong with the modern parish in his The Church of God republished by Ignatius Press. I am surprised that education and catechesis did not have more of a point in the interview. That CWR has brought this work to our attention is very much appreciated. Fantastic article!

After we sign our name to the bill. Why have they left? One major reason is that when they were still attending Mass they rarely if ever heard why they should be Catholics.