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Interview with Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
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He points the handgun at me. He shoots. Faux bullets explode on my chest. I charge. My stomps are heavy and huge. He shoots again. He pulls the trigger again. His shirt gets drenched.

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I cough a death cough, and then I fall at his feet. The patron looks down at me. Pop goes the gun a final time. I can barely feel the shot hit my chest because of the suit. The patron runs to house , then back to my body. He picks up my glasses, then puts them down, wipes them off with his shirt. Saleh and Ash, playing cop 1 and cop 2, drive into the lane.

They jump out of the car and sound very stern as they ask the patron what happened. I go to change my shirt and wait for the next patron. Did they have fun? Would they come again?

I do six more walk-throughs that morning. Then I clock out. Today, I see too many papers to count windblown and scattered in the area around my car. They flutter like leaves. Now I wipe away the flyers. The car starts moving, and I recline for a nap. I wake up thinking about putting on a tie. When I got the promotion, the first thing I bought was a new tie.

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I imagine Melanie looking at me, her face soft with admiration. Every day for a month, the news trucks circled around the park. Then they got bored and left, and it was just the protesters again.

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After all that, even at home, I was a sellout for months. Did anyone ever think of that, ever? I manual-drive all the way there.

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I park in the employee lot. Creative meets at ten. I see cars in the lot.

Nana Kwame Speaks by Leroy Frazier, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

I wanted to be first. I open the door. The trailer is full. Heland is an idiot. I think. An idiot with a black girlfriend named Melanie, which probably makes him at least 20 percent less racist in the eyes of consumers according to some focus group somewhere.

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  6. Chairs scoot up so I can pass. Doug, wanna take it from here? His feet dangled. When Doug wrote me up for it, he told me it was a formality, not to worry about it. The Zimmer Land mission statement hovers in the air behind him in hologram blue. This is the future of Zimmer Land. Doug explains the basic premise of the new module. Rumpus: Even though your stories are so different from each other, there are still some running motifs, such as fire, that provide cohesion throughout the collection. Are these motifs callbacks to James Baldwin, or what does fire represent to you?

    Floyd Mayweather visits Ghanaian Business Tycoon Nana Kwame Bediako in America - @GhanaGist

    Adjei-Brenyah: I like that you picked up on that. Rumpus: Another running thread I noticed was freedom, but that this freedom manifested itself differently in each story. Adjei-Brenyah: I think freedom is something the characters want and they are negotiating what it means to be free. They are also actively aware that freedom is something that is denied to them.

    But then Emmanuel from the first story feels free because he is finally doing something he is not supposed to do.

    SU professor embraces vulnerability through creative writing

    The story is partly organized by Emmanuel ranking and then regulating his Blackness on a ten-point scale. Like, individuals who belong to these identity groups possess so many nuances of difference within themselves, so how can we use Blackness or woman-ness or any other monolithic marker to shape politics?

    Adjei-Brenyah: This story is certainly concerned and aware that there is no monolithic experience of any particular identity because of the overwhelming nature of patriarchal white supremacy. And what this homogenizing valuing of white, straight maleness does is reduce these other categories, these quote-unquote minority groups, to tropes and ideas and these other obviously ridiculous reductions like clothes. We all know Trayvon Martin was wearing a hoodie when he died; we all see this and understand this, together.

    So, I think the story is interested in identity politics but specifically in how it becomes shaped by the pressure of being a minority. But I guess I have two answers. The first and main one would be: Fuck those people. The art is not just to fix them. By creating the work in earnest, you put it into the world and you allow the chance for something. Or, someone reads the book and then recommends it to another person.

    Tech Talk: Nana Kwame Bediako

    Maybe someone like that might read this book or other work by Black writers and it could affect change. We have a ton of South Americans, and we also have a lot of people from the Philippines, Vietnam, and other Asian countries as well. I think it made me flexible as a person.