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In that year I have learned so much. This process that started with all of YOU. First and foremost our journey together since my touring began almost 10 years ago, but especially for this first big, scary step I took last year asking for your help.

Somewhere My Baby Waits for Me Lyrics

Your help and support has allowed me to keep following my dream to make music and continue to share it with the world. Hopefully, now in an even bigger way. The tour dates are rolling in and man-oh-man is it going to be a hell of a busy year! All thanks to you. All of you and especially you pledgers who got me here. You know who you are and trust me, so do I. Love Lives On is about hope and perseverance.

Something you have all given me. I hope in some way this album can give some of that back to you. Check here for a show near you and I can't wait to see you! Cruising along under a midnight, three quarter moon in the Netherlands, heading back to our hotel near Amsterdam airport. After almost a month in Europe, winding down the Ready To Rise Tour , I'm in the back of the Sprinter bus next to my snoring 1 year old and reflecting on this latest wild adventure.

As I wrote weeks ago. A little human with his own will and personality, his own food and sleep schedule and his unique perspective which has updated mine of these wonderful countries and cultures, my band family and my road friends.

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Now all seen in a new light. This tour began in Netherlands, where, touring began for me years ago and years later just last April, Netherlands is where touring began for Aidan.

However, just like Mama, this boy seems to find a different joy and wonderment in each country. I'm sitting here, marveling as I type, about how each cultural shift is such a new gift. The food, the landscape and of course the shows and the audiences. We share our hours together night after night under the umbrella of music.

Somewhere My Baby Waits For Me - Lisa Stansfield

Celebrating life in all it's painful glory and being reminded how much we need each other. I see so many of the same friends meeting up at many of my shows in their respective countries. Wow - thank you. After that, we finally returned to Germany for a semi-private duo show hosted by dear German and Swiss friends that had us all in tears at the end. There was a photo retrospective of my last few years on German stages and the blogs I've written over the years translated from English to German! We all knew we had just shared such a life moment which ended with me, Jon, our crew and friends dining with our dear hosts in one of the most cozy and picturesque homes I've ever set foot in.

A world that gives Disneyland a serious run for their Mickey Mouse money! Finally, it was back to Netherlands to nicely bookend our perfect little tour. Another private duo show with Dutch friends who created a small club in back of their home and one wall entirely was a larger than life-sized me!


We rocked over the din of raucous Dutchies and then enjoyed some vegan bitterballen. One of my favorite Dutch treats!

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I feel so much gratitude for these opportunities to experience the world. Only now, I get to bring this new little life along with me to do the same. Who knows, maybe in some way he'll remember this.

Lisa Stansfield - Somewhere My Baby Waits For Me Lyrics

If not, lord knows I've got endless videos and photos to show him. It is something that feels equally as natural as motherhood. And now, with my baby boy Aidan, who seems like he's been having the time of his new little life! Just hope he's not too bored in the city that never sleeps now that we're back home to stay put for the rest of the year enjoying a New York City autumn and holiday season.

July was the last international flight I took with Aidan, who at the time was only 10 months old. Back then, he slept on the night flight going over and was still easy to hold in my lap. Those days are so over! We arrived in Amsterdam this morning after a 9 hour overnight flight. The fun began on the way to the airport, when out of nowhere, Aidan vomited like I've never seen most adults do. Soon as we arrived at JFK, we quickly checked in so I could get him cleaned up before boarding. Time was tight, so we had to go through security first.

As I carried him through the metal detector, he suddenly let it all out again, upchucking all over me and the floor. Never once did he cry or make a fuss. Just scared me a bit and left a man-sized mess for TSA. I darted to the bathroom near the gate and stripped him down, sponge bathed him and tossed his clothes. Fortunately, I always pack extra for him, sadly though, not for me.

Oh well, I hoped the stench of my vomit drenched clothes would clear us an empty seat on the packed flight, because it occurred to me just this trip, my baby is a toddler now! He's a 12 kilogram boy! No such luck. This flight, with all of the wonderful attention he drew, was just too much fun to sleep through.

So, we shared my pasta dinner and roamed the aisles together in between Aidan climbing me to conduct over-the-seat-back flirtatious advances toward the 3 women in the seats behind us. It was 8 hours of picking up, putting down, silly songs, silly dances, rescuing toys, preventing spills, accepting compliments and well just laughing at this cheeky boy who seemed to designate himself the mayor of the flight! Tired as I was, it was all too damn funny and adorable to not just enjoy.

He finally zonked out an hour before landing but then it was getting bags, passing customs, shuttle to airport, pleading for early check in, bath and bed! He slept in an hour past me this morning, allowing me to suck down some coffee before planning our first trip together into one of my favorite cities, Amsterdam. I always say that my fave part of the tour is the first day, once I've napped a bit from the travel and know I have a full day and evening, usually alone before the band arrives, so I can do some exploring.

This time, I got to do it with my favorite travel companion. Seeing one of my favorite cities through these new eyes of wonder, I fell in love with Amsterdam all over again. It's great to be back! We have a lot to celebrate this week because in addition to sharing some rocking live shows with y'all, the new album is mastered and ready to go! Those of you who joined my PledgeMusic Campaign will be getting your advance digital download very soon! I had a glorious 2 weeks in Memphis recording the new album working title, "Ready To Rise.

This is what happens when you get into the studio with such incredible musicians whose talents are top notch and egos are left at the door. Plus, working with a great producer who listens objectively and knows how to strike the balance of letting things flow and stopping us from chasing our tails once the magic has happened. So many times I had to stop and remind myself where I came from and how I started.

To have discovered Otis Redding at age 19 and deciding in that moment, because of his performance of, "I've Been Loving You Too Long" at Monterey Pop, to really follow my dream to be a performer only now shaped by wanting to be a performer of his caliber. Now, here I was in Memphis, where it all began for him, tracking with another musical legend I'd listened to on so many albums as I immersed myself into the Stax and Hi records catalogues, the one and only, Reverend Charles Hodges, the man who literally invented soul organ playing.

In between takes Charles often had some beautiful words of wisdom to share. Imagine an African American man who made music during a time when artists such as he were welcome to entertain all-white audiences, but not allowed to share their schools, hospitals, restaurants, drinking fountains, toilets, etc. I'm still marveling at how I'd just play a simple guitar and vocal demo of the song with just Jon Diamond and me and this team of brilliant musicians would scribble notes in real time after one listen and say, "let's cut it.

I also felt such a strong sense of the circle of life, love and music completely enveloping me. Here I was in the middle of a dream I'd had for years, tracking songs, several of which are inspired by the unbelievably devastating loss of 3 siblings and both parents in such a short time, yet dancing to play back with my 9 month old baby boy and having these musicians turn my words into joyful melodies and rhythms! Obviously a huge part of this circle was YOU. All of you who have continued to support my music and my heart.

All of you who stepped up and so generously pledged to make this happen. I decided this album had to be about all of you as well. As I've said in the past, when I write and record a new song, I see so many of your faces and I recall so many of your stories. Trust me when I confide that many of you are in these songs. Thank you for sharing your hearts with me and helping me write the most personal album I've written to date.